Blogging about theatre and performance in Greater Manchester & other places.


I’m based in central Manchester so most of the theatre and performance I see is in the Greater Manchester area. However, I regularly venture further afield in the North – mainly to Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds.

I mostly write about Greater Manchester based shows, but not exclusively.

After a significant break from writing, I’m currently finding my way again through blogging. In early 2017, I was lucky enough to get a place on a theatre criticism scheme to encourage new writers in the Greater Manchester area.┬áThe scheme was run by professional theatre critics with support from the Royal Exchange, HOME, Contact and Bolton Octagon.

The course was incredibly helpful and as a result I feel much more confident about putting my views ‘out there’ and my blog has now been active for nearly two years. The course also introduced me to a really supportive group of people who love theatre and have lots to say about it.

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You can contact me at circlesandstalls@gmail.com

19 January 2019.